Impossible is not a word it’s a self-imposed prison full of darkness!


I will not accept chained & limited mindsets. I will only be satisfied when all people see past their limitations to the light of freedom, self-determination & infinite possibilities!



My mission is to illustrate to the people of the world that through faith in our selves impossible is merely a delusion!


We have a world with components to create solutions & we are created with talents and abilities to in order to implement them. It is my objective to prove these facts are TRUE!


It is my duty to bring people to the realization that what is perceived as impossible is in fact solutions yet discovered.


Education Is Evolution



There is a story of a frog who lived in a pond. One day a fellow frog offered to show him the ocean. He asked if the ocean was bigger then the pond. His friend said yes and once showed the ocean his brain exploded.


Thru education the mind explodes with new ideas and skillsets never imagined and is truly an enlightening experience.


Man progressed in civilized behavior and technology thru innovation and the realization that the world can be changed for the better. The way we open our minds to the TRUTH that things can be better is thru education. We are only capable of understanding the world around us. Thru learning of other cultures and technologies is to learn about them. The only way of perceiving methods people used to solve problems of the past is educating your self about history. The only way we can understand our place in the Universe is meditating on every facet of the Universe.


We learn of one technology, concept or aspect of reality and it generates and inspires new ideas. In turn our ideas inspire future generations to even newer ideas. That’s how education evolves us.


Not only does education evolve society it evolves us personally. We can learn unrealized methods and knowledge in order to achieve career goals. We can discover ourselves by learning about the knowledge of the world and the options therein. We can solve our problems by learning how others have solved their problems.


At your current age or level of development you may not realize how fun grasping a new skill or learning new facts can be and the fun of learning doesn’t have to stop.


In conclusion become a better and a more intelligent person through education and not only evolves yourself but evolves the world!


You Have A Duty To Yourself


There are moments when we don’t feel satisfied with our lives. There moments when depression encapsulates us due to the conditions of our lives. There are even moments when we believe death is the only answer. In these moments don’t allow hopelessness to get the better of you. You have a duty to yourself to improve your life. You have a duty to yourself to achieve happiness as of yet unfulfilled.


Firstly you must make an inventory of your life. List the things in your life that already give you joy and make a list of things in your life that brings you sadness. Be absolutely honest and hold nothing bad. Unrecognized points of happiness may be lost in the process of change. Unrecognized points of unhappiness will fester and go unpurged from your soul. The exercise of listings items that give you joy in it of itself will bring you the remembrance of good things in your life. It will also understand what priorities you wish to keep in your life. On the reverse end of the spectrum listing what brings you sadness gives you an overview or outline of what obstacles stand in your way to total happiness. I guarantee this inventory will cause you pain, but I guarantee every step completed hereafter achieved will give you rapture.


Secondly you have to accept the things you cannot change. I was born without arms and with deformed legs. That will always be so, but once I embraced that as a reality I allowed my mind to focus on ways to adapt and permit myself to be happy with the points in my life that can bring me joy and now that I know I can adapt self-pity will not weigh me down. Hence I can break thru obstacles in the way of my happiness.


Now you should have a clearer picture of what needs to be weeded from your life in order to have a more prosperous and happy life.


Which brings you to the third step setting goals. Looking at the goals necessary to bring down the obstacles in your life will seem so daunting they will overwhelm you. Instead of taking them on all at once break your goals into smaller pieces. Write an outline of these smaller pieces needed to achieve the final goal. Research solutions using the internet or library, because you don’t know everything. Ask for help from other people, because you can’t do it alone. Networking with experts who have achieved your goals and networking with people with skills needed to accomplish the smaller pieces of your goals will guarantee success.


And finally celebrate the accomplishment of overcoming every small piece of your goals. Doing this will bring joy to every triumph.


The TRUTH is YOU are responsible for YOUR own happiness. You have a duty to yourself to destroy every obstacle, bring joy to every moment and to achieve the life of your dreams.


Conquer Your Illness



Being diagnosed as having a serious illness can be the most debilitating news of your life. We grieve the loss of our perfect health the way we grieve the loss of a loved one. Although it may not seem like it now but God doesn’t put anything upon us that we can’t handle. All hardships, including illness, exist to strengthen us not tear us down. It is essential we progress through the grieving process towards acceptance as quickly as possible. Spending precious time isolating yourself from the world due to sadness can bring about regret that those moments could’ve been time spent enraptured in joy. Anger destroys everything it touches. Anger destroys relationships and prevents anyone from being close to you. Anger can isolate you in a dark and hateful way. Living in denial will lead you to endanger yourself and worsen your illness as you thrash against the walls of fate.


On this Earth exist resources and methods to solve any problem. A little over a hundred years ago x-ray machines were just invented. In the beginning of the 19th century x-ray machines weren’t even imagined. Now look at modern medicine now diagnostic tools, miracle drugs and surgical techniques weren’t even imagined when the great breakthrough of x-rays were discovered. Medical advancement evolves thru out the ages. Today innovations are curing illnesses using techniques we’ve never conceived of ten years ago. Ten years from now medical advancements will cure illnesses using methods not even imagined today. SO NEVER LOSE HOPE!


Stephen Hawking, a famous cosmologist, was diagnosed with a terminal neuron motor response illness called ALS at the age of 21. This illness usually causes death in 5 years at the most, yet Stephen Hawking lived with the illness for 55 years. This and other mind-blowing destroyers of what we believe as fact prove miracles do happen. SO NEVER LOSE HOPE!

The TRUTH of the matter is your attitude determines your quality of life whether you are ill or not. The TRUTH of the matter keeping your doctor’s appointments even when you feel well, taking medications as prescribed and obeying your doctor to the letter will give you the utility of a longer life. Never losing hope, fighting apathy and staying strong will enable you to live life to the fullest and conquer your illness.

We Stand Stronger Together


No one is immune to times of despair. To everyone comes catastrophe. Dark waves of disaster will darken everyone’s shore. It has never been a question if hard times come to us the question is when.


If we stand alone proudly then all we will have is pride. If we ask for help standing then we will have found a friend and our burdens are lighter. We are not invincible and omnipotent we must rely on others for their skillsets, their capabilities and their support. The moment we humble ourselves and ask for help last only for a moment, but the relief we feel once our struggle is over will last a lifetime.


In the forty-eight years I have lived with my disability I have needed a great deal of help getting by. I have learned that instead of people feeling that I am a burden I have found heroes who achieve joy from helping others.


If you are apathetic to the problems of the world then you are isolated. If you stand by and allow the destruction of others you stand alone. Helping others and charity NEVER fails to make this world a better place. Being an answer to someone’s prayer being the hero of someone’s story not only brings light into the world it also earns you lifelong friends.


During my forty-eight year journey of struggling with a disability I have learned that helping someone else worse off then me diminishes my own problems.


The TRUTH is WE STAND STRONGER TOGETHER! A sheet of paper shreds easily against the wind, but a thick phonebook has the fortitude to stand against the storm!



Inspire The World To Greatness

A Call To Action


People throughout the world live in despair, hopelessness and the belief that nothing can be changed for the better. People have existed like this for generations. Severe poverty, illness, disability and living in societies who are intolerant of their differences from the norm have brow beaten them into submission and apathy of the TRUTH that everyone can steer their course to a greater life.


Injecting light into the darkness of someone’s life instills hope, vigor and life into people that feel they’re lives are meaningless. Complimenting people on the good aspects of their lives and their talents encourages them to the realization that they already have what it takes to better their lives. Demonstrating courage and illustrating that goals can be accomplished Inspires The World To Greatness.


This can be on a one to one basis or a massive effort to inspire as many people as possible. Methods of inspiration come in many forms such as writing a blog as I’m doing, activism in causes meant to better the world or simply volunteering your time to help others find solutions to their problems. Do something grandiose in order to fill people with awe and demonstrate that everything is possible.


Whether you pull individuals up out of a desperate situation or thru our actions inspire the masses I issue a call to action to bring our society to a state of universal prosperity and happiness. I implore each of you to work together in unity to shed such a blinding light throughout the world that darkness and hopelessness will not stand. I challenge you to Inspire The World To Greatness!