“Todd is an amazing man with a unique story. His optimistic outlook and candor make listening to him an inspirational experience.”


“Todd is an articulate, humorous, and inspiring speaker. His personal life triumphs come through as he brings to life the triumphs of others in artful story and as he invites listeners to think positively and make a difference in the lives of others.”



“Todd has the ability to relate to individuals of any age. In his speech on July 7 at The Free Library of Philadelphia, 1901 Vine St., he talked about the importance of Standing Together. Just like geese that fly in V formation, people must work to together to lift each other up. Born with a debilating birth defect, he shares how he has with help from other people in his life overcome obstacles and pushed past his fears. I heard Todd’s speech before doing my first Triathlon on July 8 in Philadelphia. It was very inspiring. I realized I could push past my fears to achieve my dreams. However, I had to be willing to let go of my fear and ask for help in order to succeed.”

Here are some reviews from my speech at the Rotary Club.

Thank you, Todd!!  Thank you for taking the time today to speak to us!  You are such an inspiring person and you positively impacted all the members and guests today with your story!!


I wanted to thank you for speaking at the meeting yesterday. It was a pleasure hearing you speak. I particularly enjoyed your sense of humor and delivery – from my experience, it takes a great public speaker to allow humor to flow as naturally as it did during your speech.


It was inspiring to hear your story and I want to thank you again for sharing it. Your enthusiasm and positivity are infectious.